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Lowest Cost, Wholesale LED Lighting Company

At Factory LED Direct, we strive to provide the most extensive selection and the lowest costs of any wholesale direct lighting company. We pride ourselves not only on our vast selection and competitive prices but also on our superior customer service.

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LED Lighting for Offices & Commercial Buildings

Lighting a commercial building is expensive, and finding quality wholesale LED products can be difficult. The team at Factory LED Direct touts competitive prices and a vast selection for commercial and residential needs. When you buy direct from industrial LED lighting manufacturers, you and your wallet benefit.

In our inventory, we carry LED panels, which are perfect for office lights and commercial lighting. Flat panels are another great lighting solutions for interior light, and we have a great selection to choose from. An alternative to panel lighting is LED strip lighting; these are low-profile and can be used in office buildings in stairways, storage rooms, walkways, stairwells, and many other places.

Outdoor LED Lighting Manufacturers

For exterior lighting solutions, we stock LED floodlights, which are ideal for parking lots or landscape lighting in public or extensive areas. We also carry LED area lights for building perimeters, office complexes, landscaping, and more. We also carry other common commercial LED light products, such as exit signs.

We stock wall packs, which are ideal for exteriors near doors, bays, walkways, and other highly trafficked areas. We have many LED lights to create a safe and well-lit exterior and perimeter for any building, parking lot, or landscape. Buy direct from an led lighting manufacturer and save! If you are in need of LED warehouse lights wholesale, reach out to our team of experts.

We even sell roadway lights which can be used for several roadway applications. So if your commercial project requires roadway illumination, we can outfit you from the most minor lighting detail to the biggest. When you buy directly from the LED street light manufacturers, you save big. So give us a call today!

LED Lighting for Large Commercial Outifts and & Industrial Buildings

LED high bay lighting is specially designed LED lights for buildings or rooms that have tall ceilings. An LED high bay light is one of the most cost-effective ways to light large industrial spaces and provide ample light for safety. Whatever LED light you’re in need of for your commercial building lighting project, we can assist you with it. Buying direct from commercial led lighting manufacturers can help you save money and time!

Decorative & Residential LED Lights

We carry an extensive selection of decorative LED lights and residential LED lighting. Our selection of LED ceiling lights is extensive. We carry all types of LED ceiling lights, from track lighting to LED recessed can lights (retro-fit cans as well), ceiling fans, and many styles of close to ceiling LED lighting. If you’re looking for under cabinet lights, we sell LED strip lighting that’s easy to install, and many are even waterproof. We stock wall mount sconces for bathrooms and hallways, and they’re always at wholesale pricing. If you’re in need of LED bulbs, we also have bulk LED bulbs.

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