Recessed Cans, Can lights, or Pot lights are a downlight fixture that really should be considered when deciding the style of lighting to use on your next project. We have gathered 10 reasons you should look again at Recessed lighting.

1. Not a Flashy Fixture

The idea behind recessed lighting is to have it flush with your ceiling, meaning it wont draw attention to itself, just the light it provides.

2. Saves Space 

Recessed Lighting is great for areas with lower ceilings, so you are not giving up any valuable space for the fixture.


3. Can Mix with Other Pieces

 Having the fixture hidden away in this sense will leave you free to mix and match with other lighting choices without the fear of pieces clashing. 

4. Can Be Easily Updated 

Finishes or Trims are also easy to interchange. Most don’t even require any tools to switch out. So if you do change your mind later down the line you can update to any style or color that fits your needs without needing to remove the can.

5. Gives off a Lot of Light

With LED bulbs you will be amazed at just how much light can come from even one can.

6. Can Create an Even Distribution of Light 

They distribute light evenly but can be spaced in a way that gives you an overall lighting effect, like one that you would want in a kitchen or can be clustered together for a more dramatic look.

7. Can Provide Different Effects 

Another thing to change up your look with recessed lighting is with the bulb temperature. The temperature that you use will have a huge effect on the look and feel of the room. A higher kelvin temperature will give you a bright space, useful for kitchens and other working spaces. A lower one will warm up a room and is good to highlight wooden tones and cozy features.

8. Can be Used to Highlight Design Choices. 

Some recessed lighting has an eyeball trim or an adjustable light that can be positioned to give focus to specific objects such as artwork. 

9. Can be Used with a Dimmer 

Using a dimmer can change the amount of light or the mood of the room very easily 

10. Might Not be as Expensive as You Think

Each light will cost you around $30. There are many different styles available which will very more or less in price


There are just too many advantages to having this choice of downlighting to ever discount it when making your lighting decisions.