LED wholesale

In case you have decided to buy from wholesalers and then sell your products further to customers, a good start is to get the details straight. The right kind of information can guarantee the success of your enterprise. According to Factory LED Direct, https://factoryleddirect.com/, here are five questions you can ask your lighting wholesaler:

  1. How much can you buy at once? Finding out the exact limits for your order is an essential question, because you may want to buy certain products in smaller quantities than other, for example.
  2. What are the exact terms of payment? While some wholesalers require to be paid at the moment of the delivery, others may require pre-payments, so getting this issue straight from the very beginning can prevent a lot of miscommunication problems in the long run. It is essential to discuss this topic before signing any agreement.
  3. What do I need to know about return policies? Sometimes you make the wrong choices, and certain products you bought in large amounts may not sell as well as you thought. Therefore, it is very important to know your wholesaler’s level of flexibility regarding returns.
  4. Can you provide proof of liability insurance? This helps you protect your business and should not be negotiable.
  5. How much will my order cost in total?