Designing and implementing an industrial lighting system is a complex process that needs to take into consideration many factors. Here is a Short Industrial Lighting Guide to have in mind to make sure that the new system will promote a safe, healthy and productive environment:

  • Safety – industrial environments pose many safety challenges, such as the need to have consistent, crisp and healthy light in all corners of large spaces, including narrow aisles and other confined areas. To ensure that all safety-related requirements are met, the new system needs to deliver light at the right angle, while also keeping glare to the minimum. Industrial systems also need to deliver light of the right color temperature and that keeps heat emissions to the minimum;
  • Energy-efficiency – conventional lighting solutions usually convert most of the electrical current used into heat, with only about 10% of that energy being transformed into lumens. LED lights, on the other hand, transform around 90% of the energy into light and deliver almost no heat, which makes them safe and economical, too;
  • Maintenance – industrial facilities usually have high ceilings that are difficult to reach, therefore the ideal lighting solutions for these applications are the ones that require only very little maintenance and that come with long replacement intervals. Long lasting linear high bay led lights stand out in this respect  – they are maintenance-free and offer 50,000-100,000 hours of operation. Here is hoping this short Industrial Lighting Guide has brought important points to your attention. Contact Factory LED Direct today with any questions or for a quote.