Factory LED Direct

The lighting is an essential component of any building, therefore the choice of illumination is among the most important decisions that a building owner or manager is required to make. One type of lighting that is versatile enough to provide a suitable solution for almost any setting is canopy lights – a type of lighting consisting of multiple, smaller lights usually, recessed LED bulbs. Here is why they make an excellent investment:

  • An equal distribution of light across the space – whether you need illumination in a large room, such as a garage or a covered parking space or you want to illuminate an exterior area, such as the filling area of a gas station, canopy lights will give you the crisp, efficient lighting that you need;
  • Energy-efficiency – most canopy lights use LEDs, bulbs appreciated for their performance, durability and energy-saving qualities; Look for additional info on energy efficiency details at factoryleddirect.com/.
  • Dimmable solutions – canopy lighting systems usually come with dimmable features that allow you adjust the intensity of the light as you need to;
  • Convenient ownership costs – canopy systems might cost a bit more to purchase upfront, but the low operating costs and the extraordinary lifespan they offer will very quickly offset the slightly higher buying price.