One of the features that make outdoor LED lights so attractive and so popular is the brightness they provide – the light they deliver is crispy, strong and able to illuminate even the remotest and darkest corner, just perfect for outdoor lighting. However, that extraordinary strength and brightness might be problematic in particular environments, where the crisp light becomes disturbing or increases the risk of accidents by blinding drivers approaching the light (small wonder people usually choose to direct their outdoor LEDs in a way that points away from them and towards the neighbors or oncoming traffic).

wholesale LED lights

Fortunately, there are many ways to benefit from the great features of LED lights, such as their durability and energy-efficiency, without causing problems. According to a companies selling energy efficient wholesale LED lights, here are some of those ways:

  • Use the right setting on the motion sensors – if your outdoor lights are equipped with sensors, make sure that the sensors are set to turn on only when they detect suspicious activity, not whenever a dog or a car passes by;
  • Consider the capacity of your LED lights – when you buy your LEDs, do not choose the brightest, strongest light that you can find, milder light can be just as efficient in deterring theft and vandalism as well as for lighting the way at night.