The Benefits of LED High Bay Lighting

High bay LED lights are illumination solutions designed to meet the requirements of large interior spaces, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or facilities used for sporting and recreational activities. The solution comes with lots of benefits – here are...

5 Practical Uses for LED Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights are types of illumination mounted in architectural canopies that provide downward and outward illumination. Canopy solutions use multiple, smaller light sources and they offer consistent, strong light that reaches all corners of the area underneath...
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Money comes and money goes, but Rumbleship puts you in control of when. With Rumbleship you can choose different terms for different orders with different Rumbleship merchants. Choose longer terms when things are tight, and get cash back when times are fat.

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Access free net terms at checkout from any merchant that has Rumbleship installed.

How It Works

In order to show Rumbleship as a checkout option you will first have to create an account. Click the button below to create your Factory LED Direct account. It’s simple! All we need is your name and email address and you will be ready to go! Once you have an account and are logged in, You will be able to choose Rumbleship as a checkout option.

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