Large Volume Pricing has added hundreds of products to the site.  Do you need Volume Pricing quickly?  Factory LED Direct has added Volume Pricing.  Specifically to handle Project Work.  Adding pallet pricing allows you to immediately find pricing because...

USA Based Support

Have you ever had a bad experience with customer service? At Factory LED Direct all of our team is USA based with offices in Denver and Houston. If you ever need us you can speak to someone based in the USA and ready to help.

5 Year Warranty

Do your LED’s come with a warranty? At Factory LED Direct we offer a 5 Year warranty on all: Wall Packs, Corn Lamps, Recessed Lighting, High Bays and over 200 other products. We also provide a 3 year warranty on strip lighting

Saving 40% on LED’s

On average our customers save 40% on their LED Lights. How do we do it? We have re-built the supply chain. In the traditional LED supply chain by the time the lights finally get to you they have been bought and sold between by many different parties

Street lighting to consider

LED technology has come a long way in a short period of time.  As energy conservation becomes more of a public topic, LED Lighting becomes a more important addition to cutting costs as well as conservation

But They Work

But They Work Hello, this is Watt. I am the spokes Bulb for Factory LED Direct. A common concern that we address here with our customers is (Why do I need to buy LEDs, my old lights work just fine). Well, in a sense they are right