Implementing a security system that integrates multiple security layers is essential for Employee and Customer Security as well as for safeguarding your company’s assets and the security and well-being of your employees and customers. Here are some tips about how to achieve maximum perimeter security:

  • Design and build a suitable gate and fence system – the material, the height and the thickness of your fence, the number and the type of your gates are all important features. When designing the fencing, take into consideration the security hazards that you need protection from. If you are concerned about criminals, build a solid fence and have entrance doors that makes your building look like an uninviting fortress;
  • Add digital security features – surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and alarms are also essential for your security. Don’t let gaps compromise the efficiency of your system – make sure that the cameras have a view over even the remotest corner of your premises, keep the recorded footage for at least a week and connect the alarm to the police to help improve Employee and Customer Security
  • Perimeter lighting – outside and inside lighting can deter criminal behavior, and improve safety and security. Find motion sensor wholesale LED lights at Factory LED Direct.
  • Pay attention to features that could be used as ladders – drainpipes, dumpsters, signage and similar items can all be climbed on, so make sure you use them in a way that does not provide ill-intended people easy access to your premises.