Flood lights get their name from the intense, flood-like light that they emit, light that is strong enough to illuminate every corner of large spaces with fixtures that provide broad beams. While flood lamps are beneficial in any setting, including the backyards of residential buildings, they are the most common in commercial settings – here are some examples from expert led flood light manufacturer reps:

stadium led flood light manufacturer

  • Stadiums – stadium led flood light manufacturer reps confirm that these facilities need very efficient illumination to make them suitable for events that take place after sunset. Flood lights are the preferred illumination solution in most stadiums, with lighting systems designed to ensure that every corner gets sufficient light;In the top tiers of many professional sports, it is a requirement for stadiums to have flood lamps to allow games to be scheduled outside daylight hours.
  • Security parameters – flood lamps are also very common in areas that have walls or other types of barriers to prevent unauthorized access. In these settings, flood lights are usually installed in tandem with security cameras and multiple sensors;
  • Railway stations and coach stations – these facilities also need strong and reliable illumination to ensure safety and security at all hours. In many settings, the flood lamps are on day and night;
  • Parking lots – these settings also need the highest level of security and visibility during the day and at night as well, therefore they make extensive use of flood lamps.
  • Concerts and plays- Using high intensity lights is common for theatres and stages where concerts and plays are performed.