One of the features that make LED lights so popular is energy-efficiency, so here are some of the ways that LEDs are Energy-Efficient

  • Reduced energy needs – LED lights, especially Energy Star rated products, use less than 25% of the energy used by conventional, fluorescent or incandescent lights. While conventional bulbs transform about most of the energy the consume into heat, with only a very small percentage being converted to light, LED bulbs produce hardly any heat, with around 95% of the energy being transformed into light;
  • Crisp, strong light – LED bulbs deliver strong light, which means that you can have the same amount of light in your room with fewer LEDs
  • Durability – LED lights are much more durable than conventional bulbs, the average lifespan of LEDs being around 10-15 years. Making them not only Energy-Efficient but cost-efficient.

Besides energy-efficiency, LED lights also provide relief for the eyes – the light emitted by LED bulbs puts less strain on the eyes, which can improve the efficiency and productivity of any work. Versatility is another great feature offered by LEDs – these modern bulbs come in a very wide range of designs, including not only light strings and bulbs, but many other varieties as well.

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