bulk LED lights

Whether used as outdoor lighting or to illuminate interior spaces,LED Lights Help the Environment in residential or in commercial settings, LED lights stand out in many ways, environment-friendliness being one of their best features. Here is how you can rely on LED lights to reduce the environmental impact of your building:

  • Superior efficiency – while conventional bulbs convert most of the energy they need into heat, using only about 20% of that energy to deliver light, LED bulbs convert over 90% of the energy they use into light. This energy-efficiency also means that the LEDs you use to replace your conventional lights can be weaker than the initial lights – a 84-watt fluorescent light, for example, can be replaced with a 36-watt LED without any diminishment in terms of performance and light quality; Cost effective bulk LED lights can be found at Factory LED Direct.
  • No toxic chemicals – while fluorescent lights contain mercury and the other bulbs types also contain toxic chemicals, LEDs feature non-toxic composition, therefore,LED Lights Help the Environment in residential or in commercial settings they do not pollute the environment when they reach the end of their lifespan;
  • durability – LED lights last around 6 times as long as conventional bulbs, usually offering lifespans of around 100,000 cycles. Longer lifespan also means that using LEDs involves producing less waste from packaging and less pollution by transportation.