wholesale LED lighting

Warehouse costs make up a considerable part of operational costs. Fortunately, there are many great ways to Reduce Warehouse Costs without hindering efficiency – here are some:

  • Optimizing storage – take a close look at the way you use warehouse space right now. Take into consideration the size of your forklifts and compare the figures to the ideal machine size, then do the same with your storage aisles as well. If your calculations show that there is room for improvement, figure how you can implement the necessary changes to achieve optimal space usage;
  • Reduce energy costs – this solution will require an investment, but the money you spend on improving the energy-efficiency of your business will return in the form of value added to the property and in the form of reduced energy bills. If your building is currently uninsulated, figure out the type and thickness of the insulation that will work best for you. Replace conventional illumination with cost effective wholesale LED lighting to ensure lighting that optimal in terms of efficiency as well as in terms of durability. Implementing automating lighting is also beneficial – the upgrade will make sure that your lights are on only when you need them; a key step to Reduce Warehouse Costs
  • Other technologies to use – digital product identification technologies, such as RFID, can significantly improve inventory handling errors, they can make work easier for your employees and they can also improve customer loyalty.