Ideal Lighting For A Restaurant can stimulate client’s senses both through the aromas of the dishes and through the atmosphere created by the lighting, building an excellent space to unwind and enjoy the time spent out. Moreover, having light adjustable depending on time of the day will also emphasize the dishes served. Here’s how it works:

  • Bright lights, as close as possible to natural light, are recommended for breakfast. Here, LED bulbs with cold light would be the best, as they highlight small details, such as the plating and colors.
  • For lunch, on the other hand, it’s recommended to use moderate lighting, preferably coming from multiple indirect sources, to distribute the light evenly throughout the place. You can use LED spotlights or floor lamps, for instance – or a mix of both.
  • For dinner, it’s recommended to use a warm, dim light, which gives off a relaxing and welcoming vibe. You can easily adjust the light in the restaurant if you use dimmable LED bulbs or a system of LED light panels mounted on the ceiling, above each table, or on the walls.

Obviously, you will need many light bulbs for your restaurant, so the best solution is to buy wholesale, in order to pay less. Check online restaurant led lighting wholesale. You will find many distributors that you can contact and compare the offers you receive.

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