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Illumination is often a neglected feature in home design, even though the right lighting can make or break any configuration in your rooms as well as in your outdoor spaces. Here are some innovative design ideas to make sure that your rooms and patio look as amazing as you want them to:

  • Use patterned shades – perforated shades add playfulness to any space by making use of the harmony created by the combination of light and shadow;
  • Desk lamps mounted on foldable stands – the lamp stands made from innovative, flexible, but strong materials can be folded and bent into almost any shape, allowing you to direct the light right where you need it as well as to add creativity to your desk design;
  • Use creative bulbs – bare Edison bulbs are just one example of Innovative Lighting illumination solutions that create a distinct design through the bulb itself. Light bulbs today come in many shapes and designs, such as bulbs with two sockets instead of just one; Look for led wholesale pricing for affordable options.
  • Camouflaged fixtures on the wall – this solution will require you to break the plane of your walls and to add your lights into the pockets created. The results are stunning, with cozy, elegant accents right where you need them.