www.factoryleddirect.com has added hundreds of products to the site.  Do you need Volume Pricing quickly?  Factory LED Direct has added Volume Pricing.  Specifically to handle Project Work.  Adding pallet pricing allows you to immediately find pricing because completing quotes in a timely fashion is critical to winning.  Customer service is available so if a product is required that is not yet on the Factory LED Direct site, contact us.

Volume discounts enable a buyer to purchase a large quantity of a good at a discounted rate. The savings made are  passed on to the final consumer. In simple terms, volume pricing is a pricing structure that figures in discounts for large quantity purchases. The more that is purchased at one time, the larger the discount. Factory LED Direct currently offers discounts on all orders over ten items. The more you order, the bigger your discount will be.Factory LED Direct offers free quotes on all projects in twenty four hours or less! Contact us today for a quote on your next project and see the money saving difference we can offer you.

We want to help your business raise profit margins and win more bids, our customers are always first at Factory LED Direct.


volume discounts