LED High Bay Buyers Guide-

LED High bay guide
This LED high bay guide will help you decide on your needs for replacing or purchasing new lighting. LED lights are proving to be the best lighting choice available thanks to their low electricity usage, fast start times and high quality of light. These lights really help customers save a lot of money on energy expenses and get better light in their homes, business and outdoor areas. A lot of people are not sure which light to buy due to so many choices available. LED lights come in different sizes, colors and lumens and this sometimes makes it harder to find the right light. Here we will discuss a complete high bay buyer’s guide that you can use to find the right LED lights for your high bay applications.

Some tips for picking the right high bay lighting for your application-

  • Check the ceiling height – For a ceiling to be considered high enough to require high bay lighting, it should be at least 16 feet or higher from the floor. If your ceiling is under the 16 feet mark, you can use ordinary shop lights or low bay lights rather than high bay light fixtures.
  • Check the Fixture Type – Once you have the ceiling height measured and know that your location needs high bay lighting, you are ready to shop. When looking for high bay light fixtures, you need to check that the fixture is specified as high bay. If you install regular lights instead of LED high bay lighting fixtures in the ceiling because you think the lumen count will be enough for the space, you will be disappointed. High bay light fixtures are designed with certain specifications, which include a high lumen output, reflectors to ensure downlight cast to the floor and other special considerations that make them the only suitable choice for higher ceilings.
  • Consider the lumen output – The lumen output is how bright the fixture is and it matters even more with high bay lighting fixtures. If you have higher lumens, you have a brighter light for your space. Since the fixture will be placed so high you need a higher lumen count to be sure correct illumination reaches the floor. Correct lumen output will depend on your space but high bay light fixtures are the brightest choice for higher ceilings that need strong lighting.


High Bay Shapes and Options-

Round High Bay Light 
Round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights because of their saucer shape. They are the easiest high bay light to install because they only need to be hung at one point. Round high bay lights can be great for a place with higher ceilings. The light from UFO high bay lights averages 120 degrees. Round UFO lights can be used for large, open commercial space. For example, a ceiling height of 25 feet could utilize LED high bay lights at 240 watts and 5000K to achieve a well lit area. You can have high wattage but if your lumens are off, you aren’t getting the best lighting possible. The choices are 100 watts, 150 watts, 240 watts and  300 watts. Round bay lights are commonly used in older buildings where overhead ducts or pipes prevent the use of linear bay lights. Bay light fixtures deliver bright, uniform illumination from high ceilings or open trusses to floors and work surfaces below. They mount at greater heights than other types of overhead indoor lighting fixtures to illuminate warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, hangars, big-box stores, and other large, open spaces. Mounting height (high or low bay), height of the work plane (floor or elevated surface), light distribution (narrow to wide), and lumen output are key factors for selecting a bay light.
Linear High Bay Light 

Linear high bay lights you see in pretty much every grocery store and warehouse you visit. They are designed to look like the T8 bulbs, but they have nothing in common. Linear lights are great for really large buildings because they illuminate more space at one time. Linear lights can be long and wide or long and skinny. If your space has a lot of aisles or shelving, long linear lights are the best option.

When you combine the design with the power of LED found in our selection of linear LED high bay lighting fixtures, you get a warehouse lighting solution that is practical, affordable, and high-functioning. LED lights are known for saving money. Not only do they consume less energy to cut down on utility costs, they also offer longer burn times than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. LED lights can last for up to 50,000 hours. Another benefit of LEDs compared to other bulbs is the lower temperature means they can be left on for hours  without problems making them great for work areas.

Wattage and lumens

When installing new high bay led lights attention should be paid to the lumen, not wattage. As led efficiency improves, they consume less power. In the new installation, you can judge according to the height of the ceiling

  • 10-15 feet –  lights that can reach 10,000 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 15-20 feet – lights that can reach 16,000 to 20,000 lumens
  • 25-35 feet – lights that can reach 33,000 lumens.

The one-for-one replacement method is not to replace old lighting with the same power, but to count on the total lumens produced by the original lamp. For example, if you use 10pcs 1000 watt metal halide lamps in the building, the total lumens are 800,000 lumens. Want to meet the same lighting effect, if we use 10pcs 140lm / w led high bay light, you only need 400 watt replacement light fixtures.