LED Street lighting is an important necessity regardless of the environment we are in, rural or urban, and the lack of light at night can trigger a lot of problems. Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create a multitude of increasingly efficient and versatile lamp models up to the LED variants.

LED street light manufacturers

The new LED fixtures meet the highest criteria of saving and efficient road lighting, actively contributing to the saving of electricity. Trusted LED street light manufacturers confirm that this technology is known for its very low energy consumption, and these street lighting lamps can save up to 40% -80% of the energy bill.

LED lamps are ideal to provide lighting for public roads, parks, parking lots, playgrounds, bike paths, etc. They can be mounted individually or in groups to increase the volume of light, while offering a uniform distribution of light, being equipped with several LEDs. Led bodies for street lighting have a low weight and protection against moisture, can be used even in extreme temperatures and have resistance to shocks and vibrations.

LED lamps have a service life of over 50,000 hours, and the costs of replacement or repair are much lower (approximately up to 50% -75%) compared to classic street lighting lamps.

Here is more information about how LED lighting is beneficial to everyone and the environment. https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/led-lighting