led lighting manufacturer

Energy Efficient Warehouses have special lighting solutions, the illumination that works best in facilities of the kind being lighting that delivers strong light without burdening the company’s budget with high energy bills. If you are currently in need of a new, energy-efficient lighting design for your warehouse, knowledgeable led lighting manufacturer reps suggest that here are some aspects to consider:

  • Brightness – the color of the walls and the shelves in the warehouse will determine how bright your lights need to be. White walls and a white ceiling will reflect light, therefore they are great for reducing the brightness that your fixtures need to deliver for proper visibility;
  • Longevity – you probably don’t want to replace your light bulbs replaced every couple of weeks, so ideally, your warehouse lights will be able to provide several thousand hours of unflickering light. The most long-lived lighting solution available today is LED lights, the solution preferred in many warehouses for its superior durability;
  • Low energy consumption – the ideal warehouse lighting solution is one that consumes very little electricity. LED lights stand out in this department as well: these modern solutions can run on up to 80% less energy than more conventional lights, such as fluorescent bulbs. In the case of LEDs, however, the low energy needs does not mean diminished performance.