Drivers and Accessories

LED drivers are devices which regulate and supply the power used to ‘drive’ runs of LED strip lighting. Similar to traditional transformers, they transform mains voltage alternating current (240v AC) to a lower voltage. However, LED drivers also transform mains voltage current to a constant, direct current (DC) that LEDs require. By adjusting their output according to the electrical properties of the LED tape which changes as it heats up, drivers regulate the power supplied to the LEDs to be a constant of usually either 12v or 24v of DC.

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All LED strip lights requires either 12v or 24v to power, which is stated in its specification. Be sure to buy a driver with the same output voltage that the tape requires. Running 12v tape with a 24v driver will result in the LEDs being brighter in the short term but the higher voltage will eventually burn the tape out. Running 24v tape with a 12v driver will result in the LEDs not lighting up at all.
If you are installing your LED strip lighting outdoors or in a kitchen or bathroom it is important to use a water resistant driver. To know if a driver is water resistant look for its Ingress Protection or “IP” rating. Splash-proof drivers have an IP rating of 65 and are best suited for use in bathrooms and kitchens. Waterproof drivers have an IP rating of 67 or above, and are best suited for outdoor use.

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