Track Lighting

Track light rails and connectors build track lighting systems that hold light heads and connect them to electrical wiring. Rails mount to ceilings or walls and link with connectors to create tracks of the desired length and configuration. Track lighting rails, connectors, and light heads fit together to make a complete lighting fixture. These systems are commonly used in retail, hospitality, and multifamily housing settings.

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Tracks mount to ceilings or walls and hold heads and electrical feeds that bring power to the lights. Also called track lighting rails, lengths of track can join together to create custom configurations. Track connectors join lengths of rail or plug the ends of rail for a finished look. They make secure connections to prevent rails from detaching and disrupting the electrical feed, which could cause light heads to flicker or lose power. Also known as rail connectors, they are used for applications such as continuing a straight line of track, joining rails at an angle, or making a three-way connection to set rails into two different directions.

Fixed-rail lights provide the look and lighting effect of standard track lighting without the worry of light head and rail compatibility. Their light heads swivel or pivot to aim the light beams but are fixed on the rail at set intervals. These LED lights typically last longer than other lighting technologies and use less energy to reduce operating costs. Integrated LED arrays mean there are no light bulbs to install or change. Fixed lighting illuminates hospitality settings, multifamily housing, and other non-retail areas where lighting needs rarely change.

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