Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting brightens countertops, shelves, desks, and other surfaces to eliminate shadows and illuminate areas where direct light is limited. Also known as undercounter lights, they mount to the underside of a cabinet or shelf and shine light onto surfaces below.

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They supplement general lighting, provide task lighting in workshops and offices, or serve as accent lighting to highlight kitchen counters and retail shelving displays. Hardwired under-cabinet lighting wires into the mains while plug-in lighting connects to a nearby electrical outlet.

LED under-cabinet lights typically last longer than fluorescent lights and use less energy to reduce operating costs. Their profile is generally slimmer than fluorescent lights, making them easier to conceal under a cabinet or shelf. They run cool to prevent damage to heat-sensitive materials and maintain comfort for people working near the lights. Integrated LED arrays mean there are no light bulbs to install or change. Lights with multiple color temperature settings have a switch for choosing the hue or tone of light to match surrounding fixtures or suit a room or application.

Some under cabinet fixtures can go beyond the kitchen, to be used as functional lighting in other areas too. They can provide flawless task lighting in a workroom, laundry room, or home office. As accent lighting, they can add depth, dimension and visual interest to a variety of spaces, or highlight architectural features like a tray or cove ceiling. And they can even showcase objects inside a glass cabinet or display case

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