Indoor Lighting

Factory LED Direct offers premier indoor LED lighting solutions. Our range ensures energy savings, longevity, and optimal illumination for every space. Trust us to elevate your indoor lighting experience with products tailored just for you.

Indoor Lighting Categories

Low Voltage LED Emergency Driver

Emergency Battery Backup

125 Watt LED Garage Light

Garage Paddle Light

Explosion Proof Street Light (STA Series)

Explosion Proof

Premium LED High Bay

Linear High Bay

LED UFO High Bay

UFO High Bay

Retrofit Kit

Retrofit Kits

Architectural Selectable LED Linear Light

Strip Lights

4” LED Recessed Round Gimbal with 5CCT

Recess Cans/Downlights

COB Flexible LED Strip 24V (Bright White)

Tape Lights

2’x4’ LED Center Basket Troffer (CCT & Wattage Selector)


Indoor Lighting Solutions

Creating the right atmosphere and ensuring functionality are key factors when it comes to indoor lighting. At Factory LED Direct, we understand that each space within a building has unique lighting needs, from the soft glow required in a cozy restaurant setting to the bright and clear illumination necessary for a productive office environment. Our selection of indoor lighting solutions is designed to meet the diverse requirements of various indoor settings.

Our offerings extend across a comprehensive range of products, meticulously crafted to balance aesthetic appeal with practicality. Whether you’re seeking ceiling fixtures, wall-mounted lights, task lighting, or ambient options, our portfolio ensures that you will find the right fit for every area, including offices, retail spaces, industrial sites, and homes.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency:
We take pride in providing eco-friendly lighting solutions that drastically reduce energy consumption without compromising on quality. Enjoy the benefits of advanced LED technology that can significantly curtail your energy bills and lessen your carbon footprint.

Superior Quality and Reliability:
Quality is never second best at Factory LED Direct. Our indoor lighting fixtures are built to the highest standards, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. We prioritize your peace of mind, knowing that you have invested in lighting that withstands the test of time.

Tailored Illumination:
No two indoor spaces are the same, and we value the uniqueness of your lighting needs. With an array of options such as dimmable lamps, color temperature variations, and lighting controls, you can customize the ambiance to match your specific requirements.

Professional and Customer-Focused Service:
Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to support you through every step of the selection process, offering expert guidance on the best lighting choices for your indoor environment. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to assist you in finding solutions that align with your vision and budget.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance:
Acknowledging the importance of an effortless setup, our products are designed for easy installation, allowing a seamless transition to brighter, more efficient lighting. Should you have any questions or require assistance, our customer service team is just a call or click away.

Factory LED Direct is your trusted partner for state-of-the-art indoor lighting. With our expertise and dedication to innovative solutions, you can illuminate your spaces with confidence. Embrace a brighter future with our efficient, high-quality lighting products that are not just designed to impress but engineered to perform.