Exit / Emergency Signs

Our Exit / Emergency Signs signs clearly mark the way out of your building during emergencies. These signs are available in a variety of styles and colors. Any business wanting to maintain compliance with fire safety standards can use these signs. Here is some helpful information about OSHA emergency sign regulations.

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Egress lighting is required by the National Electrical Code (NEC) in article 700-16.  This section speaks of the importance of not only exit signs, but all emergency lighting as well.  Considering the importance of these signs, makes it an easy decision to choose a sign that is constructed of a durable material such as aluminum. Cast aluminum exit signs are durable and since aluminum doesn’t rust, resistant to some of the elements.  They are tough enough to be placed in abusive environments such as factories, yet can be elegant enough to be installed in fine dining restaurants.

Some important things to note about aluminum LED exit signs are that they require less and 5 watts of electricity to run with LED technology and have a lifespan expected between 8 to 10 years.  Add those features together and compare them to an exit sign that runs on incandescent bulbs and your building has saved thousands of dollars in electricity over the course of the exit signs life span.

Edge-Lit LED exit signs offer the highest level of appeal and are the premier choice for indoor exit sign applications. Edge-Lit models feature an aluminum housing that can be surface or recess mounted into ceilings and walls. Recessing the housing provides a seamless look that is unrivaled by any other exit sign available. A high-grade acrylic panel attaches to the housing and features a red or green screen-printed “EXIT”. LEDs inside the housing provide illumination that creates a glowing effect for the EXIT panel.

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