UFO High Bays > 200 Watts

UFO High Bay’s > 200 Watts are LED lights which are shaped like UFOs and mainly used for commercial or industrial lighting, such as warehouses, factories, garage, shopping malls, etc. They can illuminate large areas.

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With the development of high bay light technology, UFO LED high bay lights have become the best choice for many large-scale industrial or commercial lighting. Compared with traditional lightings like xenon lights or metal-halide lamp, they mainly have the following advantages.
-High lighting efficiency and low energy cost. A 100W UFO LED high bay light could replace a 300W HID lamp and save the electricity cost by 66%.
-The light is soft and even with no strobing, which is safe and harmless to eyes.
-With an IP65 water and dust resistance and an anti-surge protection system, they can be used in damp places or other harsh environments.
-The lights’ temperature remains low because of LED’s low heat emission as well as the aluminum shell’s high heat dissipation efficiency. The lights are softer, and less likely to catch fire because of overheating.
-The lights have a long span because the outer shells underwent paint baking treatment. They are anti-oxidation, anti-salt fog, anti-corrosion and anti-rust; there’s no need to change them frequently.

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