Grow Lights

When you grow plants inside, you need optimal light to help them thrive. Natural light can be an option, but grow lights placed directly above your plants can help them grow strong. Artificial lighting has advanced from incandescent to fluorescent lighting, and finally to LED lighting.

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LED stands for light-emitting diode, and these grow lights are considered the best available option because they mimic the sun’s natural light.

There are many options for indoor LED grow lights on the market, but not all of them are built the same. When selecting a fixture, you’ll want to consider quality, quantity, lifespan, heat, cost and energy efficiency. Factory LED Direct offers outstanding quality grow lights and honors all warranties. We offer quantity discounts on all orders over ten items.

LED lights do not create nearly as much heat, which lowers electricity consumption costs while still offering a powerful lighting option. This brings about another advantage of LEDs in grow lighting, the savings due to not needing expensive cooling systems and the electricity those systems use to keep grow areas from overheating and destroying crops. LED technology is able to closely replicate light coming from the sun, offering solutions for the indoor growing of all types of plants. LED technology continues to advance, making them ideal for growing at any stage in a plants life.

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