Retrofit Kits

Retrofit kits are a cost effective way to switch your building over to LED lighting without having to buy new lighting fixtures. LED lights use only a fraction of the energy compared to traditional filament and fluorescent bulbs, LED retrofit kits are a smart way to cut total energy costs to your business or facility. By using an LED retrofit kit, your business can replace a traditional light bulb with an LED equivalent, without replacing the existing lighting fixture or lighting installation.

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LED lights are replacing traditional lighting technology in many aspects of lighting applications. They are useful for interior lighting, exterior lighting, and small lighting in mechanical applications.

LEDs work a little differently than most traditional lighting solutions. A few things you’ll need to know when retrofitting your facilities with LEDs are fixtures and luminaires are two different things. If you are looking to keep your current fixtures then you may slightly reduce the compatible conversion options when it comes to bulbs. If you’re replacing both the light and the fixture then you’ll be able to choose from everything on the market. In either case, most LEDs are made to be compatible with standard fixtures.The hardware for dimming LED lights is usually not compatible with traditional lighting solutions. You will need LED dimmers to go along with the new bulbs.Lighting is one of the largest expenses a facility has and upgrading your facility to LEDs is one of the smartest investments you can make.

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