4 Foot Strip Lighting

4 foot strip lighting mounts to surfaces as part of new lighting installations or as replacements for fluorescent strip lights of the same size. They use significantly less energy than fluorescent fixtures and have built-in LED arrays so there are no light bulbs to install or replace. The 4-ft. size is a common choice for lighting hotels, manufacturing plants, offices, and other commercial spaces.

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Strip lights are linear fixtures with a housing that’s slightly larger than the light bulb it holds. The flat lens of these LED strip lights focuses light downward like a lensless light but covers the LED arrays to hide them from view and soften the light for reduced glare. These fixtures have a box-shaped metal housing that provides clean lines for customer-facing applications and protects interior components in heavy-traffic areas of retail, manufacturing, and commercial spaces.The curved lens LED strip lights have a more gentle arc than a tube-style lens for a refined, upscale look. The lens spreads light over a wider area than a flat lens or lensless fixture. These fixtures are commonly used to light offices, retail spaces, and other customer-facing areas

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