8 Foot Strip Lighting

8 foot strip lighting supplies a long run of light for covering a broad space with fewer fixtures. They mount to surfaces as part of new lighting installations or as replacements for fluorescent strip lights of the same size. These LED fixtures use significantly less energy than fluorescent fixtures and have built-in LED arrays so there are no light bulbs to install or replace.

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The 8-ft. size is typically used for lighting large areas in manufacturing and hospitality settings. Strip lights are linear fixtures with a housing that’s slightly larger than the light bulb it holds.When looking for lighting that is versatile enough to accommodate a range of settings, Factory LED Direct’s collection of 8 foot strip lights are a reliable solution. These lights are a perfect alternative to traditional fluorescent fixtures. With their improved technology and lower energy costs, 8 foot LED strip lights are a good way to provide powerful illumination while saving your business money for years to come. Ideal for a variety of different applications, including warehouse, retail, commercial, and manufacturing applications, our inventory of 8′ LED industrial strip lights are an economical solution perfect for nearly any business.

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