CCT Adjustable Strip Lighting

CCT Adjustable Strip Lighting are LED strip lights that are able to change color temperatures with the touch of a button. Strip lighting is simple, linear surface-mount fixtures with a housing that is slightly larger than the light bulb it holds.

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Depending on their size and lens style, they are used for general lighting in applications ranging from workshops, access corridors, and back-of-house areas to retail spaces and other customer-facing areas. These LED lights use significantly less energy than fluorescent lights and have built-in LED arrays so there are no light bulbs to install or replace. They are typically mounted to a ceiling but can sometimes be modified to accept chains for suspension mounting.

Instead of ordering multiple lights with different color temperatures, order one adjustable CCT product that carries multiple options within itself. Install the fixture, and change the color temperature until it’s right. This versatility  offers variety and adapts to client needs. It gives homeowners and designers the ability to independently change tones to create a certain atmosphere and easily coordinate decorative fixtures.

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