Filament Lamps

A LED Filament Lamp is an LED lamp which is designed to resemble a traditional incandescent light bulb with visible filaments for looks and light distribution purposes, but with the high efficiency of light-emitting diodes.

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It produces its light using LED filaments, which are series-connected strings of diodes that resemble in appearance the filaments of incandescent light bulbs. They are direct replacements for conventional clear (or frosted) incandescent bulbs, as they are made with the same envelope shapes, the same bases that fit the same sockets, and work at the same supply voltage. Filament LED light bulbs do have an LED “filament”, but instead of heating it up to produce light, this metal strip is  lined with light emitting diodes. The metal strip and LEDs are covered and then coated with a phosphor to turn the light emitted from the LEDs from blue into a warmer yellow tone, similar to incandescent filament bulbs. The LEDs strips are positioned facing outwards to reproduce the same 360° angle of light that incandescent bulbs have. When turned on, the entire strip appears illuminated rather than the individual diodes, creating a nice, even glow.LED filament bulbs are also more efficient than many other LED lamps.

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