Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting provides many benefits, including an increased sense of safety and security and a more beautiful environment. To achieve your lighting goals—whether it be decorating an outdoor space or illuminating a walkway for safety reasons—you can choose from many different types of fixtures.

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We have a wide selection of quality LED lights. From LED porch lights to parking lot lamps and decorative landscape lighting, we offer a variety of products that will surely meet your needs. Our products are designed to meet your specific lighting needs. We offer a wide selection of LED outdoor lights in different styles and colors, including flush-mount exterior lights, post-top lamps, and floodlight fixtures.

Exterior lighting fixtures can help provide added visibility and security for many different applications. Whether it’s your porch or patio, led house lights can make you feel safer at night when walking around outside. Outdoor LED bulbs can reduce energy costs by up to 90%, and they produce brighter, more even light than traditional outdoor bulbs. LED lights, which last 20 years, are a financial and time-saving alternative to traditional lighting.By far, outdoor LED lighting is the most efficient when it comes to how well its light source produces visible light. With a system efficiency of 50 lumens+ and 37-12 lumens per watts at the source, LED lighting has a great luminous efficacy which translates to minimal maintenance and replacement costs.

Part of how LED lighting differs from traditional outdoor lighting is quality. The quality of LED lighting is characterized by color temperature and color rendering which differs depending on the outdoor LED you get. The color temperature is how cool or warm the lighting looks and it ranges from 2700k-6000k. With a reddish-orange glow describing warm colors, and the white and bluish lights describing cool colors. The color rendering index also known as CRI is the true color casted by the bulb. The CRI for LED outdoor lights falls between 65-95, thus the higher the CRI the closer the object is to its display under daylight conditions.