Outdoor Lighting

Factory LED Direct’s outdoor lighting solutions redefine durability and performance, offering unparalleled efficiency for any external environment. Tailored to meet your unique needs, our products ensure reliability, safety, and stunning aesthetics for landscapes, facades, and outdoor workspaces. Embrace a blend of innovation and elegance with our sustainable, cost-effective lighting options designed to illuminate and transform your outdoor spaces. Trust us to guide you to brighter, more secure surroundings with our commitment to excellence and personalized service.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions


In the expansive world of outdoor illumination, LED lighting stands as a paragon of advancement and practicality. At Factory LED Direct, we are committed to offering a diverse array of outdoor LED lighting options, designed to meet an extensive range of needs while ensuring top-tier quality, energy efficiency, and tailored customer service.

Our product lineup covers various categories, thoughtfully crafted to enhance the safety, beauty, and functionality of your outdoor spaces:

Flood Lights

Floodlights are the heavy lifters in the outdoor lighting world. Designed to bathe large areas in light, these robust fixtures are perfect for commercial venues, parking lots, and playing fields. They are engineered for high output and broad coverage, ensuring a well-lit environment that enhances visibility and security.

Wall Packs

Wall pack lights are typically mounted on exterior walls and are ideal for lighting pathways, entrances, and perimeters. These fixtures provide a concentrated downward throw of light, offering both security and aesthetic appeal to your building’s façade.

Street and Area Lights

Optimizing outdoor public spaces such as streets, parks, and campuses require a specific type of lighting. Our LED street and area lights deliver uniform illumination, improving visibility for pedestrians and vehicles alike, and, ultimately, contributing to public safety.

Canopy Lighting

Canopy lights are designed for use in covered outdoor spaces like gas stations, drive-thrus, and outdoor walkways. These lights are built to withstand the elements while providing a welcoming, diffuse light that creates a safe and inviting atmosphere.

Landscape Lighting

Imagine the potential to transform your garden or outdoor leisure areas into an enchanting nighttime retreat. Landscape lighting, including spotlights and path lights, offers a beautiful way to accentuate architectural features and landscapes, enhancing the outdoor ambiance after sunset.

Security Lights

Security lighting is the watchful eye of outdoor spaces. With options like motion sensors, they provide a deterrent against unwanted visitors by automatically lighting up when movement is detected, safeguarding your property with reliable, bright light.

Decorative Lighting

In addition to functionality, lighting plays a key role in setting the mood. Our decorative lighting solutions, such as LED bollards and post-top lights, offer elegance and charm to your outdoor spaces, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere while still fulfilling practical lighting needs.

All our outdoor LED lighting products are characterized by their longevity, reduced energy consumption, and minimal maintenance requirements. By choosing LED, you not only opt for an environmentally friendly solution but also enjoy significant cost savings over time due to their low power usage and durability.

At Factory LED Direct, our expertise is at your disposal to find the best-suited lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces. Our professional team ensures that each recommendation is personalized, considering your specific needs and preferences to create optimal lighting strategies. Trust us to illuminate your exterior spaces with a combination of our cutting-edge technology, deep-rooted knowledge, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

When it comes to outdoor LED lighting, we see beyond the bulb. We envision a partnership where your exterior spaces are not only illuminated but transformed. Embrace the standard of excellence and personalized care that Factory LED Direct provides – where your outdoor lighting goals are achieved with clarity, quality, and efficiency.