Dusk to Dawn

The FLD LED Dusk to Dawn Series offers maximum LED efficiency to replace common HID Security Lights.

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It efficiently delivers lumens, and consumes less energy than traditional luminaries. This versatile luminaire is ideal for replacing existing HID fixtures. Applications include: Back yards, driveways, Out-buildings, institutional and industrial locations. Our customers report they have successfully used these led area lights for general security lighting for barn lights, storage yards, parking lots, service roads and building perimeters. Also effective as an led dawn to dusk light security light for storage areas, garbage bins, alleyways and commercial sites.

Replaces those traditional 175W Mercury Vapor or Metal Halide lights. Twist-lock photocell and mounting arm included for mounting as a wall light or pole light. The FLD Dawn To Dusk light is a reliable and cost-effective light fixture that is also perfect for security and area lighting.

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