Flood Lights

LED flood lights are highly powered and can be used to light large areas. There are many types of flood lights and they are used with many different purposes. The common function of a flood light is to produce a wide angle of light for covering large areas.

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The flood light fixture is a compact LED fixture that is high-intensity and broad-beamed. Flood lights are generally used for exterior lighting.

Superior Flood Lights

Our flood lights are watertight, which makes them ideal for LED outdoor lighting applications. Outdoor flood lights can be used in commercial settings such as a parking garage, LED street lights, LED landscape security, LED security lights, and emergency lights. Our outdoor lights are perfect for residential applications as well. Our lights can be used for garage lighting, lighting outdoor spaces, and landscape light. Many of our flood light models’ optics can conform to dark-sky requirements, so these lights are ideal for any landscape light project and lighting outdoor spaces. Also, our floodlight fixtures adjustable mounting brackets allow you to direct illumination where it’s needed in your exterior lighting.

The contractor series come in a variety of wattages and have different mounting options, including yoke mounted, slip fitter mounted, knuckle mounted, and wall-mounted. Flood lights compact design also makes them suitable for portable lighting.

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We’re the experts in LED lighting wholesale. Our LED product inventory is expansive. We stock anything you would need for a lighting project in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.

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Factory LED Direct is the trusted LED flood light manufacturer and retailer.

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