Mounts for light poles are used in many locations. They can be used on pole tops along streets or in parking lots. They can be used to affix fixtures to sheds, walls, roofs and other structures that are next to areas that need illumination.

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There are many different types of Mounts and Brackets. Some are designed for the top of round or square metal poles, adapting the pole for the light fixture. Other brackets are created to bolt to the side of a wooden pole, allowing the fixture to be mounted in that manor. Some Flood Light Brackets can accommodate more than one fixture. These brackets are call Bullhorns and allow multiple floodlights to be mounted on one pole. There are also plates that are meant to be attached to a wall or building so that the light can be attatched to an existing structure.

Our large inventory includes everything from a U-Mount Bracket for Floodlights to a 90 Degree Wall Bracket for Single Fixture so all the bases are covered. Most of our Tenons and Tenon Adapters have a 2-3/8″ Tenon and allow for up to four fixtures to be mounted onto a single light pole, useful for large outdoor areas to provide ample lighting.

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