Post Top

LED post top fixtures, post lamps and street lights are available in various styles and designs.

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LED replacement lights are used to replace old-fashioned light bulbs in decorative or historical pole lamps to accent main street USA. Acorn post tops combine energy efficiency and quality of light in a classic style that is popular for today’s homes, businesses and streetscapes.

Traditional and contemporary LED post top lighting styles for streetscapes in a large variety. The advanced LED optical system provides improved horizontal and vertical uniformity, reduced glare and improved lighting control. Can be widely used outdoors (Wet Location). Excellent for lawns, courtyards, roadways and many other applications. effectively aims the light where you need it, while eliminating the unsightly shadow circles commonly seen under other LED post top fixtures.Up to 250 watt replacement in city streets, downtown renovation, historical districts, campuses, residential areas, parking lots, parks and walkways.

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