1/2 In-Hole Photocell

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1/2 In-Hole Photocell

At Factory LED Direct, we pride ourselves on offering versatile and efficient solutions for your varied lighting applications. Our 1/2 in-hole photocell is exceptionally suited for use in roadway lighting, advertising light boxes, signs, and other vital equipment utilized in diverse settings such as streets, outdoor illumination, building walkways, and park district lighting. Known for its reliable performance and supreme sensitivity, this product exemplifies our commitment to superior quality. Designed to perfectly accommodate the voltage requirements of various regions, it boasts a wide voltage range for your convenience.

To bolster its effectiveness, our photocell comes with a preconfigured delay of 8-15 seconds. This feature aids in preventing any disruptions likely caused by sudden light changes due to natural phenomena like lightning or artificial lights such as flashlights and car taillights. Ensuring your safety is paramount to us. You'll be pleased to know that this product upholds the high safety standards set by the UL certification and is compliant with UL773A regulation for non-industrial light control switches. With Factory LED Direct, you can trust you're investing in sustainable lighting solutions thoughtfully crafted with your needs in mind.

  • AC input voltage range:90~305V.
  • Low power consumption and high reliability.
  • 8-15S delay when turn off.
  • Strong anti-interference ability.
  • Maximum working load: 750W filament lamps. 120Vac, 5A electronic ballast. 277Vac, 3A electronic ballast.
  • Switch life is greater than 5000 cycles.
  • Approved application patent.
  • Suitable for dry and humid environment.