1-Light Black Outdoor Post Mount

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Black Post Mount – Fits on 3 Inch round Pole

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1-Light Black Outdoor Post Mount

Enhance your outdoor ambiance with the Factory LED Direct’s 1-Light Black Outdoor Post Mount. Expertly crafted to add a touch of classic elegance, this fixture brings together superior functionality with a timeless aesthetic charm.

Our Outdoor Post Mount comes with clear tapered beveled glass panes. Positioned within a lamp, lantern, or coach light setup, these delicate yet robust panes ensure optimum light dispersion, adding a radiant charm to any outdoor setup.

The design exudes a traditional vibe that beautifully complements a variety of homestyle surroundings and décor. The result is an outdoor light fixture that not just illuminates but also subtly enhances the aesthetic value of your outdoor space.

Constructed of cast aluminum, the Outdoor Post Mount offers not just visual appeal but also remarkable resilience and enduring quality. Unlike steel, cast aluminum cannot rust, making this product a choice you can embrace confidently, knowing its original luster will remain untouched by the elements for years to come.

The powder-coated paint base further supplements the corrosion and scratch-resistant nature of the cast aluminum. This method of finishing ensures exceptional long-lasting color retention, meaning your outdoor fixture will continue to shine with a fresh-out-the-box look through seasons of use.

Suitable for wet locations, our 1-Light Black Outdoor Post Mount is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining its functionality and stylish charm rain or shine. It beautifully complements patios, gardens, driveways, or any outdoor area needing a touch of radiant illumination.

Finally, the Outdoor Post Mount's solid black finish adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a remarkable addition to any outdoor space.

At Factory LED Direct, we dedicate ourselves to delivering lighting solutions that offer quality, efficiency, and personalized service. Enjoy a brighter, more beautiful outdoor space with our 1-Light Black Outdoor Post Mount.

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