1-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Jelly Jar

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White Wall Mount Sconce

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1-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Jelly Jar

Introducing the 1-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Jelly Jar from Factory LED Direct, a charming and minimalist lighting solution that adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor ambience. As your knowledgeable guide in the world of sustainable lighting solutions, we are dedicated to providing you with top-quality products that cater to your needs while emphasizing efficiency, durability, and personalized service.

Our Jelly Jar Wall Light Sconce showcases a unique and delightful beehive-inspired design with whimsical glass rings, encased in captivating clear glass. This elegant piece ensures maximum light output for a bright and inviting atmosphere, while also protecting the light bulb from the elements.

Constructed with an immaculate, solid white polycarbonate frame, the Jelly Jar Wall Light impresses with its longevity and resilience. Ideal for coastal areas, this sconce will not corrode when exposed to moisture or high salt content in the atmosphere. Trust in our top-quality polycarbonate material to provide your product with exceptional resistance against adverse weather conditions.

Suitable for wet locations, this 1-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Jelly Jar can be enjoyed in any outdoor space, rain or shine. Its elegant simplicity and clean, minimalist design allow it to blend seamlessly with your surroundings and existing decor, making it a versatile addition to your exterior and interior designs.

Experience the fresh, rejuvenating atmosphere created by this compact, trendy lighting fixture that fits perfectly into tight spaces. Accentuate your patios, entryways, and various outdoor areas with this stylish and chic piece, designed to captivate and impress.

Available in black or white finishes, the 1-Light Outdoor Wall Mount Jelly Jar features a traditional style with a polycarbonate frame and clear ribbed glass. With easy maintenance, simply clean and polish to maintain the radiant shine of your fixture, ensuring a lasting impression on your outdoor spaces.

Rely on Factory LED Direct, your trusted partner in sustainable, efficient, and customer-focused lighting solutions. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with our superior quality products, designed with your satisfaction in mind.

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