10 Foot 4 Inch Square Direct Burial Steel Pole 11G

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10 Feet 4 Inches – Direct Burial – Square Steel – 11 Gauge – 3 Feet Underground and 10 Feet Above – Conforms to ASTM-A 500 Grade B: Minimum Yield Strength of 46,000 PSI.

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10 Foot 4 Inch Square Direct Burial Steel Pole 11G

At Factory LED Direct, our 10 Foot 4 Inch Square Direct Burial Steel Pole 11G Poles are a testament to strength and resilience, forged from high-grade steel tubing. Expertly designed, these poles offer side drilling for arm-mounted area lighting fixtures, as well as tenon mounts compatible with floodlight and post-top luminaires. These versatile poles are adept at illuminating a wide range of environments. They are ideally suited for area lighting applications spanning retail centers, industrial parks, education campuses, public transit hubs, airports, office complexes, and healthcare facilities. Accommodative of various lighting needs, the heights for the poles we offer are between 10 to 30 feet. Factory LED Direct's commitment lies in delivering top-notch, efficient, and tailored lighting solutions, ensuring that each of our customers' unique requirements are fully met.

Above ground 10ft, underground 3ft

Removable Tenon 2-3/8''

FINISH: Textured architectural bronze powder-coat finish, baked to ensure maximum paint adhesion, hardness and durability.
ANCHOR BOLTS: Anchor bolts are not included, sized based on pole data charts for the selected pole size.
POLE LENGTH: Poles are available in standard lengths as shown in the order matrix. Poles can be custom cut to order. Consult factory.
SURFACE TREATMENT: Hot-dip galvanizing.


BLACK ASPHALTUM: Black Asphaltum is an economical, highly protective, acid and alkali-resistant coating designed for Direct burial Light Pole use.

This protective coating is applied on either galvanized or powder-coated products to add a supplemental layer of corrosion protection. This combination of galvanizing and/or powder coating coupled with black Asphaltum provides the best below-grade corrosion resistance in the Light Pole industry.
• Rust proofing properties
• Superior resistance to acids and alkali
• Outstanding adhesion and wear resistance


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