100 Watt LED Stadium Light

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100 Watts – 16000 Lumens – CE, RoHS – 5 Year Warranty

100 Watt LED Stadium Light

The Made To Order T400 Series 100 Watt LED Stadium Light is ideal for any application requiring an abundance of illumination. This series of fixtures are incredibly versatile, each module can rotate 360 deg.  The mounting bracket  has over 180 Deg adjustment, making this series of fixture an incredible addition to lighting up anything you need. This Light is a modular lighting system with high efficiency and adjustable light angles, making it suitable for use in sports stadiums, parking lots and industrial settings.

The 100W floodlight model’s high efficiency and variable lighting angles make it a good choice for large outdoor spaces. The floodlight is particularly well suited for illuminating playing fields, sports stadiums, gymnasiums, and large industrial spaces. Each module contains 48 LEDs and is powered by a MEANWELL power supply. Installation is a breeze thanks to the included brackets, which make it possible to mount on walls or ceilings.

The stadium light has five beam angles: 15°/30°/60°/90o, 120. Narrow angles of light are ideal for bringing out the details of buildings, facilities and bridges. Medium-sized lanterns will work well for lighting roads, squares, and parks. Between 90° and 120° will provide the best light intensity for sports halls and fields, airports, and train stations. Floodlights, because they offer a high degree of protection against moisture and dust (IP65), can be used both indoors and outdoors. Each lamp module is designed with a modern heatsink made of pure cold-cast aluminum, which will guarantee it operates at the correct temperature. The special design and modularity of the floodlights will ensure their use for an extended period with a minimal decrease in light output. The housing protects the luminaire against lightning and electrostatic discharges by providing a safe storage environment.

  • Wattage from 100-600 Watts, with a Lumen Package from 48,000- 96,000 Lm
  • IP 66
  • Beam Angle 10, 30, 60, 90, 120
  • 165 Lm/Watt
  • CCT 2700-6500 K
  • Operating Temp -40 F - 140 F
  1. Modern design
  2. The highest quality materials used
  3. Very long service life
  4. Up to 2% reduction in CO80 emissions
  5. No harmful UV and IR radiation
  6. High luminous efficiency of 160Lm/W
  7. Instant start
  8. Wide range of applications
  9. Energy efficient
LED housing color:silver
LED housing material:Aluminium
Light:neutral white
Light color in Kelvin:4000

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