100W-200W Selectable LED Flood Light W/ Photocell

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100/150/200 Wattage Adjustable – 15600/22950/30000 Lumens – 3000/4000/5000K CCT Adjustable – UL DLC Premium Listed – 5 Year Warranty

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100W-200W Selectable LED Flood Light W/ Photocell

Meet your new lighting companion, the 100W-200W Selectable LED Flood Light w/ photocell, a flagship offering from Factory LED Direct. This versatile and robust lighting solution exemplifies our unwavering dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. This LED Flood Light stands out with its exceptional customizability. Select your preferred power output from 100W, 150W, or the highly intensive 200W to tailor the lighting environment to precisely match your requirements. Coupled with a compatible AC input range of 120-277V, this flood light is adaptable across a comprehensive array of lighting scenarios.

The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) provides you with further customization options, offering a selection of warm 3000K, balanced 4000K, or daylight-mimicking 5000K. The ability to adapt the lighting aesthetics to any situation or mood makes our flood light a versatile choice for multiple applications. With a lumen output that reaches up to an astounding 30000LM, you can trust our LED Flood Light to deliver blinding brightness, making it an ideal choice for areas requiring potent and expansive illumination. From parking lots and playfields to large outdoor areas, expect impeccable radiance and coverage. Equipped with premium Lumileds light sources renowned globally for high-quality performance and efficiency, our LED Flood Light promises durability, vibrant luminosity, and significant energy savings.

A standout feature of this LED Flood Light is its integrated photocell—a smart, automatic control system that senses ambient light levels. The flood light turns on as daylight fades and off as daylight returns, offering convenience, optimizing power usage, and reducing excess energy consumption. Embrace this 100W-200W Selectable LED Flood Light with Photocell—a winning combination of high-performance, energy-efficiency, and long-lasting reliability. With Factory LED Direct, you're not just investing in superior lighting, but also in sustainability, quality, and a deeply ingrained commitment to your satisfaction. Let us be your trusted partner in illuminating your path towards a bright and efficient future.