100W LED UFO High Bay

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100 Watts – 4000K or 5000K – 16799 Lumens – 5 Year Warranty – DLC Premium

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100W LED UFO High Bay

The Factory LED Direct 100W LED UFO High Bay Lighting series can be widely used as indoor or outdoor lighting (Wet location). Perfect for mechanical or electronic processing workshops, storage warehouses, steel mills, gas stations, toll booth, waiting rooms, the platforms of railway station, indoor stadiums and flower cultivating tents, etc. Round LED bay lights install in new lighting layouts or upgrade existing HID installations to LED. They convert to LED one fixture at a time, match the existing lighting layout, and maintain a consistent look. LED lights use less energy and typically last longer than HID lights, reducing maintenance and downtime. Also called UFO lights, round bay lights are commonly used in older buildings where overhead ducts or pipes prevent the use of linear bay lights. Bay light fixtures deliver bright, uniform illumination from high ceilings or open trusses to floors and work surfaces below. They mount at greater heights than other types of overhead indoor lighting fixtures to illuminate warehouses, factories, gymnasiums, hangars, big-box stores, and other large, open spaces. Mounting height (high or low bay), height of the work plane (floor or elevated surface), light distribution (narrow to wide), and lumen output are key factors for selecting a bay light.

♦ LED high luminous efficiency and long working life.
♦ High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC120-277V.
♦ Die-cast aluminum cooling design, high quality and better cooling for LED Tj < 85℃.
♦ Excellent optics design, greatly improve the light utilization and evenness.
♦ Wireless bluetooth system and Motion sensor control available (Optional)

-Optical lens is made of high quality PC material to make the light even and soft.

-Top tier LEDs are driven well below recommended safety limits, on both drive current and junction temperature, to keep components cool – maintaining the life of the LED, allowing for a compact and efficient heat sink design.

-High performance, die cast heat sink transfers heat from the light engine to the environment,  drawing heat away from the fixture, and extending the lifespan of the LEDs.

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