100W Solar LED Street Light

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100 Watts – 5000K – CE ROHS listed – 3 Year Warranty

100W Solar LED Street Light

Introducing the 100W Solar LED Street Light— a sustainable and robust lighting solution designed for a variety of outdoor environments. Powered by pure solar energy, this product is a symbol of green technology, utilizing renewable, clean energy that's free from pollution and noise.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Integrated Design: Features a patented, integrated design combining a high-capacity A-type Sanyuanli battery pack with an efficient lamp body controller. This seamless integration ensures durability and optimal performance.
  • Automated Control Systems: Equipped with smart control capabilities, this unit offers fully automatic intelligent light control, time control, and remote access. Enjoy the convenience of automated charging during the day and illumination at night without any manual intervention.
  • High-Efficiency Materials: The construction includes a one-piece aluminum casing combined with an imported high-efficiency light source and a full power solar panel. It is built to withstand corrosion, water exposure, and lightning, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Easy Installation and Versatile Use: With no wiring required, installation is straightforward. The system can be mounted using various methods such as on walls with nails, poles, or cement columns. It is perfectly suited for illuminating highways, town roads, rural roads, parks, courtyards, channels, and agricultural areas.
  • Energy Efficiency and Reliability: The solar panel has an energy conversion rate of 18% or higher, allowing more than 8 hours of charging under normal sunlight. Even during less favorable weather conditions, it provides 3-4 days of power supply during rain and can light up the surroundings for 12 hours per night.
  • Durability in Varied Climates: Designed to endure extreme temperatures, it can operate efficiently in conditions as high as 80 degrees Celsius and as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

With a one-time investment, the 100W Solar LED Street Light offers multiple years of benefits, providing a high-value, sustainable solution to meet diverse lighting needs in outdoor settings. Embrace the future of lighting with Factory LED Direct’s pioneering solar technology for superior illumination and resilience.