120 Watt Wall Pack W/ Photocell (CCT & Watt Tunable)

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120/100/80 Watt Tunable – 30/40/50K CCT Tunable – 16800 Lumens – 5 Year Warranty – DLC ETL Listed – Photocell Included

120 Watt Wall Pack W/ Photocell (CCT & Watt Tunable)

Factory LED Direct is proud to unveil our latest innovation in sustainable outdoor lighting: the Wall Pack w/ Photocell, featuring CCT & Watt Tunability. Crafted to meet the diverse requirements of our esteemed clientele, this product combines durability, efficiency, and adaptability, setting a new standard in lighting technology.

Versatile Power Options for Every Need
Our Wall Pack is available in a power range from 60W to 150W, accommodating a wide array of lighting intensity requirements. Leveraging high-output SMD3030 chips, it achieves an exceptional efficiency of 130LM/W, ensuring that your spaces are illuminated effectively with minimal energy expenditure.

Unmatched Convenience and Flexibility
Ease of installation and maintenance is at the heart of this product's design. With conduit entrances located on the back, side, and bottom, it offers unparalleled installation flexibility. The universal input voltage (100-277V) and built-in power supply modules ensure that our Wall Pack is compatible with various electrical setups, simplifying the installation process.

Robust and Reliable
Certified by UL, cUL, ETL, cETL, CE, and DLC, our Wall Pack adheres to the highest standards of safety and performance. The IP65 waterproof rating ensures durability in wet locations, making it a versatile option for all external environments. Its solid aluminum construction and efficient heat dissipation technology contribute to an extended lifespan and consistent performance, further bolstered by a five-year warranty.

Environmentally Conscious Engineering
The Wall Pack is designed with a no magnetic disturbance driver and top-quality components, achieving energy savings of over 50%. Its environmental impact is softened without compromising on brightness or efficiency—underscored by the durability of the glass cover, which retains its clarity without yellowing over time.

Intelligent Photocell Integration
Equipped with a built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, this Wall Pack delivers intelligent, automated operation, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency. The lighting automatically adjusts to the ambient light levels, turning on at dusk and off at dawn, which optimizes energy use and reduces the need for manual intervention.

Tailored Lighting Experience
With the ability to adjust wattages at 60%, 80%, and 100%, as well as color temperature settings of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, you have complete control over the lighting atmosphere. This tunability ensures that the lighting can be customized to suit specific requirements, whether for security, ambiance, or aesthetic preferences.

At Factory LED Direct, we understand that choosing the right lighting solution is paramount for our customers. The Wall Pack with Photocell stands as a testament to our dedication to providing products that are not only innovative and efficient but also adaptable to the unique needs of each customer. Embrace a brighter, more sustainable future with lighting solutions designed to illuminate your space efficiently and effectively, backed by our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.