1200 Watt LED Sports Lighting


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1200 Watt LED Sports Lighting

1200 Watt LED Sports Lighting is designed for LIVE BROADCAST Stadiums, Over 90 CRI and narrow beam angle make the lights spot 1 mile away, Replacing 2000-5000W MH. Best heat dissipation ever than others, Glass lense which never aging,  this stadium led lights use Citizen LED Inventronics Driver. Instant on/off, 0% – 100% dimming, complete spill/glare control, improved light quality, and customizable Action Lighting sequences, our LED technology puts you in complete control of your lighting environment. Maintenance free, fewer fixtures for greater light levels, and reduced power requirements all mean dramatically lower installation, maintenance, and energy costs.

LED sports field light is crucial for the performance of the players. When every move can make a huge difference, then, low-glare light with better brightness level is the right option. The LED stadium lights are designed for both indoors and outdoors sport field application.   High Tech optics ensure the light gets where you need it without being harsh The main purpose of these lights is to enhance the visibility of the players by providing a light just like the natural sunlight. In addition, it improves the visibility of the spectators and officials. A great thing about these lights is that they are suitable for all types of sports.


1200 Watt LED Sports Lighting

Watts 1200W
Lumens per Watt 130
Color Temperature 3000K / 4000K / 5000K / 5700K
Voltage 90-277V / 277-480V
Beam Angle 15 / 23 / 38 / 45 / 60 Degree
Dimmable YES
CRI Over 90
DMX 512 Available
Mounting U Bracket / Slip Filter
Housing Pure 1070 Aluminum Alloy, Anti-Corrosion and Hydrochloric acid.
Finish Brown / Silver / Black / White
Metal Halide Equal 1000-4000W MH
Life Hours 50,000


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