120W Adjustable Wattage Corn Lamp

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120W Adjustable Wattage Corn Lamp

Our 120W adjustable wattage corn lamp is a Leading Energy Efficient product, designed primarily to substitute HID lamps and metal halide bulbs. These
luminaries are wattage-adjustable, segmented dimmable, designed for fully enclosed fixtures, while maintaining a high Lumen output and up to 140 lumens per
watt efficacy. These high-output LEDs are ideal for parking lots, post top lights, street lighting, shoebox fixtures, highway lighting, and other high intensity lighting. Retrofit up to a 150-watt HID lamp fixture with these smart and selectable LED corn cobs from Factory LED Direct. Our field adjustable series has a wide range of wattage options. The selectable wattage option lets you choose between three different lumen outputs. Adjusting the lighting level can allow flexibility in installation and provide energy savings or increased output.

Adjustable Wattages

120W- 15857 Lumens

100W- 13075 Lumens

80W- 9956 Lumens


 Three selectable wattages
 Operating temperature: -40°C to 50°C
 Enclosure provides a water-tight seal making it suitable for outdoor application
 Integral LED driver (non-isolated), eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast
 Up to 140 lumens per watt
 Complies with UL safety regulations and is DLC-V5.1 listed
 High Quality and Efficacy
 IP64 rated (waterproof and dust proof rating)
 Universal operation at 120-277Vac 50-60Hz
 Environment friendly with no mercury
 Easy to install and operate, instant and no humming
 Energy saving, long lifespan


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