Garage Paddle Light-125 Watt


Versatile Paddle Light

180 Degree – 360 Degree   140 Lumen/Watt

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Garage Paddle Light-125 Watt Introduction
The Garage Paddle Light-125 Watt LED Deformable light has a special design including adjustable light paddles.LED garage lighting, adopting the merits of LED low-wattage running and high illumination. Let your garages, warehouses, workshops, offices or basements flooded with light. You will be impressed by the convenience brought by its deformability. Deformable garage LED light allows you to aim the lights to a certain place by adjusting an irradiation angle within 90° adjustable range. Deformable lights somewhat resemble a three-petaled flower. The stem of the flower is the base of the light that screws into the light socket on your garage ceiling and the flower petals are the 3 aluminum heads full of LED lights. The petals or “heads” can rotate up and down off the base giving you the ability to give more or less light to certain areas of the room.

Deformable garage lights (also known as deformable lights) use a design where you can adjust the light’s direction to suit your needs. The bulbs are adjustable to different angles, allowing the room to be lit according to convenience. They are usually used in warehouses, garages, workshops, etc. Most garages have only one bulb outlet, so installing more bulb outlets or light ballasts to make the room brighter would be an expensive project requiring specialized electrical skills. But a deformable light comes with three heads full of LED bulbs attached together, which simply needs to be screwed in like a regular bulb. A single deformable light gives you the brightness of three panels full of LED bulbs that shed light all around the room.

-E26 E27 E39 E40
-ETL cETL DLC approved

-5000K Color
-Deformable unique design adjustable beam Angle 180 degree to 360 degree
-PC lens protect LED chips from damp location
-100~277V input voltage
-Die-casting Aluminum heat sink
-6K High voltage surge test approved
-SMD3030 150lm/w led chips
-50,000hrs lifespan
-Top Brand Rubycon Capacitor
-OEM special design company logo
-No UV or IR radiation
-No magnetic disturbance driver design
-Replace 250~600W metal halide/HPS

Garage Paddle Light-125 WattGarage Paddle Light-125 WattGarage Paddle LightDeformable garage light

Additional information

Base Color

White, Black

Base Type

E26 Standard, E39 Mogul

Specification Data Sheet

LED Garage Light Specification    Click to view spec data sheet