125 Watt LED Garage Light

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125 Watts – 5000K – E26 Base – 5 Year Warranty- 17500 Lumens – Adjustable Beam Angle

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125 Watt LED Garage Light

Illuminate Your Space with Factory LED Direct's 125 Watt LED Garage Light

Experience first-hand why Factory LED Direct continues to be a trusted name in sustainable lighting solutions. Introducing the 125 Watt LED Garage Light - a top-tier, energy-efficient lighting alternative designed with thoughtful precision to cater to your varied needs.

This ETL and cETL-approved garage light offers unmatched performance thanks to its unique deformable design. The beam angle is adjustable from 180 degrees to 360 degrees, providing unparalleled flexibility and comprehensive illumination for any area.

The Garage Light employs a PC lens, protecting the crucial LED chips even if installed in damp locations, reflecting our promise of durability and reliability. With an input voltage ranging from 100~277V, adaptability becomes another high point of this meticulously designed product.

Constructed using die-casting Aluminum, the light features an advanced heat sink mechanism, ensuring optimal performance while prolonging the lifespan of the LED chips. This feature, coupled with the 6K high voltage surge test approval, stands as a testament to its robustness and high-quality design.

Derived from SMD2835 LED chips, this product guarantees 130lm/w efficiency and offers an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours. What's more impressive is that the light accomplishes all this without producing any harmful UV or IR radiation.

Thanks to the no magnetic disturbance driver design, you will also experience a minimum of electrical interference. And perhaps the most compelling aspect? The 125 Watt LED Garage Light can easily replace 250~600W metal halide/HPS lights, setting new standards for efficiency and performance in the world of LED lighting.

At Factory LED Direct, our purpose goes beyond providing lighting solutions. It's about providing the best, most sustainable solutions built with your needs in mind. Choose the 125 Watt LED Garage Light for an experience that goes beyond illumination, encapsulating superior quality, outstanding durability, and increased energy efficiency.

E26 E27 E39 E40
ETL cETL approved
Deformable unique design
adjustable beam Angle 180 degrees to 360 degrees
PC lens protects LED chips from damp
location 100~277V input voltage
Die-casting Aluminum heat sink
6K High voltage surge test approved
SMD2835 130lm/w led chips
50,000hrs lifespan
No UV or IR radiation
No magnetic disturbance driver design
Replaces 250~600W metal halide/HPS