15 Watt Emergency T8 led tube


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Emergency T8 led tube light with battery

Factory LED Direct’s Emergency T8 led tube light with battery is intended for indoor industrial/warehouse/commercial lighting applications LED driver and thermal management. High-performance illumination that lasts 30,000HRS. Ballast-bypass (UL Type B) LED linear light bulbs can be installed in compatible fluorescent lighting fixtures and do not require a ballast or driver to power the bulbs. They eliminate the risk of lighting outages due to faulty ballasts or drivers and avoid the expense of installing LED drivers when converting lighting systems from fluorescent technology to LED technology. LED linear bulbs use less energy and need to be changed less often than fluorescent linear bulbs.


  • 90 minutes emergency at 4.5W
  •  2-in-1 tube regular T8 lighting and emergency lighting
  •  Built-in Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery and LED driver
  •  Stable high-precision and constant-current driver.
  •  Controllable by wall switch
  •  Type B style installation(Ballast bypass) Dual  End Power
  • Convert ordinary LED light fittings into self-contained emergency light fittings. Compatible with many tubes.
  • Saves energy and costs by up to 70% with equivalent brightness.
  • High brightness and easy installation.
  • Test button enable  emergency function testing  whenever needed.
  • Invisible, convertor and battery pack are concealed inthe LED T8/T5 tube light fitting.
  • Indicator light is on when battery is charging; light off once battery is fully charged.
  • Certified ETL/DLC.

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4000k, 5000k

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